Sporting suspends Miguel Albuquerque contract with immediate effect – Sporting


‘Correio da Manhã’ announced that the director general of the club’s modalities has been sentenced to suspended prison term for domestic violence

Sporting announced that it has suspended Miguel Albuquerque’s contract with immediate effect. The decision comes after the ‘Morning mail’ having announced that the general director of the club’s modalities was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence for domestic violence.

“An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. You will pay for everything. I will blow you up my whole life. You are garbage. You are worthless. I will never let you go”, were, according to ‘Correio da Manhã’, some of the threats made by Miguel Albuquerque to his ex-wife. who also worked at Sporting.Release

“Sporting Clube de Portugal hereby announces that due to the news today made public about the Director-General of the Modalities, Miguel Albuquerque, his employment contract is suspended with immediate effect.”


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