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All the confusion on Tuesday, for the transmission of the game with Peru, should be repeated eight more times during the South American qualifiers for the World Cup, in the matches of our team outside Brazil.

Here Globo has the rights of everyone and also of Argentina, with whom it has already agreed.

The rest are open. It will be up to the sending country to negotiate with whomever it chooses.

As can be seen, there is still a lot to happen, including classics against Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay, which always attract greater fan attention.

Only nothing out of the booklet or different than imagined.

It has been known for a long time that a lot was going to change in the area of ​​sports rights and this, as we now observe, is only the beginning.

You can expect a lot more to come. There are great emotions ahead.

Stayed in the past

Peru and Brazil, on Tuesday, once again, showed that the main open TVs are working with their feet on the ground.

I’m sure no one else will be tearing up money or committing madness. Message given.

It’s bad

For its part, TV Brasil, which was the sensation of the day on Tuesday, with the broadcast of Peru x Brazil, is completely scrapped in São Paulo, with old equipment and unmotivated staff.

Your new direction, now with Glen Valente, needs to take care of that.

Hard day

Yesterday, for CNN Brasil employees, it was a day to be forgotten.

Very bad weather, with the majority of its cast and employees awaiting test results for Covid-19, after the cases presented by Monalisa Perrone and Gabriela Prioli, among others.

Result released in the late afternoon: 28 people tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Look what a night

This promises to be a Thursday like that. “A Fazenda”, booming at Record, has a night of elimination. On Globo, in sequence, the premiere of “The Voice Brasil” and “Que História É Essa, Porchat?”.

As for SBT, a replay of “Praça”.


Sabrina Sato got to know the British format of the “Game of Clones” a year ago, at a TV fair in Cannes and hoped for its realization in Brazil.

The first season has “10 independent episodes”, informs the program director, David Feldon.

And so it goes

One more from SBT, entitled to a statement: “Team, now it is necessary to make an appointment for meals at the restaurant. From now on, each one must organize their appointment. The appointment can be made through this link … ”.

The external staff, subject to all kinds of problems, of course, revolted. But does it fit?

It’s weird

TV network! goes through yet another internal crisis. The information is that the discount in the receipts of the PCs and celetistas must extend until the end of the year.

But that, they say, only when it comes to technique, entertainment and journalism. Commercial people don’t.

End of the year

Juan Alba, currently in the soap opera “Amor Sem Igual”, integrated the recordings of “Canta Comigo – All Stars”, a special by Xuxa, which Record will show in December.

“It was exciting to participate with champions of realities. And the coolest thing is that even though it is a recorded program, whoever chooses the winner will be the home audience ”, warns Juan.

Different time

Yesterday, Wednesday, Serginho Groisman’s “Altas Horas” completed exactly 20 years of Globo. But, unlike other seasons, there won’t be a specific special.

“There is no reason to party. Yes, there is memory and celebration. Next year, yes, we are going to have a celebration party ”, declared Serginho.


Production by Medialand, premieres this Thursday, at 7:30 pm on TV Cultura, “Hackers”, a series of 20 episodes about the world of technology.

Presentation by Gabriel Pato, one of the best known hackers in Brazil, with a YouTube channel.

Hit – Rebate

• On SBT, on Saturday, nine eliminated from “Bake Off Brasil” will be rescued and will be able to participate in “Cereja do Bolo” and “Mão na Massa”.
• Tainá Muller had an invitation to do “Atenuantes”, a Universal series …
• … But this before the pandemic and since everything stopped after that, she still doesn’t know how it will be.
• Sunday, after “Esporte Espetacular”, Globo debuts the sixth season of “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”, with a special episode …
• … The characters face a virtual class, each from their home, depending on the quarantine.
• Claudete Troiano’s program is drawing on Rede TV! …
• … Actually, it is an infocommercial with some content in between. It didn’t take off.
• Few millions of followers separate the two most sought after young actresses in the market …
• … Marina Ruy Barbosa is 37.4 on Instagram, while Bruna Marquezine has already reached the 40 mark.
• With the end of the “Programa da Maisa” on SBT’s Saturday afternoons, the schedule will be occupied by the “Crunching”, in recorded edition.


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