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Racist calls against VIF player: – Incomprehensible:

Sandefjord confirms that racist shouts were used against VIF player Ousmane Camara in the match between Sandefjord and VIF on Sunday night.

The general manager of Sandefjord, Espen Bugge Pettersen, confirms that there was a guard at the stadium who, among other things, called the monkey after Camara.

– I did not get the situation myself, but have been told that there have been racist calls against Camara. It is incomprehensible that this is happening. We can not guard against what individuals say, but guard against them coming back here. I simply think it’s sad and hopeless. It has happened, then it is up to us to remove the person from this arena, says general manager Espen Bugge Pettersen to Eurosport.

– There’s a guard here who’s not coming in here again? asks the Eurosport reporter.

– At least not in my lifetime in the club, and not after either, Pettersen says.

Bugge Pettersen himself was in the Vålerenga locker room after the match.

– I was in right after the end of the match and congratulated on the victory, but also strongly apologized for what had happened, and informed them about the consequences for the guard, he continues.

The incident takes place just a few days after it was announced that Norwegian football will front a new campaign against racism. The measure came less than two weeks after Amahl Pellegrino’s painful experience in Ålesund, where he was exposed to racism during a match.

Freddy Dos Santos is the project manager for the Stop campaign, and reacts after Sunday’s event.

– You are surprised and shocked. It is very frustrating when football really marks so clearly and strongly the attitudes we agree on, then this appears on the spot. It destroys for everyone – for Camara who is called a monkey, for Sandefjord as a club, for the supporters, for the reputation of Norwegian football. It is so disappointing you get angry, but it cements how important the job we have started is actually, Dos Santos says to Dagbladet.

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- Almost unbelievable

– Almost unbelievable

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