Srie B round ‘helps’, and Cruzeiro’s direct rivals lose


THE cruise have a chance to leave the relegation zone of Srie B of the Brazilian Championship at the close of the 14th round. For this, having to beat Sampaio Corra on the prxima Thursday, 6:30 pm, in Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte. In the games already played on this Monday’s round, five direct rivals of Raposa, at the bottom of the table, were defeated: Brazil (14th), Botafogo (15th), Figueirense (16th), Guarani (19th) and West (20th).

In the last game this Wednesday, Ponte Preta won the classic against Guarani by 2 to 0. With the revs, the Bugre followed with 11 points, in 19th position, and wasted the chance to overtake Cruzeiro, which has the same score.

J os tropes of Botafogo-SP and Figueirense I will allow Cruzeiro to move up two places in the table if they beat Sampaio Corra on Thursday. Ribeiro Preto’s team was beaten 1-0 by Chapecoense, in Chapec, and had 14 points and four victories, in 15th position. Figueira, on the other hand, was beaten by CSA by 3 to 0, in Macei, and remained with 13 points, in 16th place.

A triumph in Mineiro would lift Cruzeiro from 17th to 15th place, with 14 points and six victories.

Another positive result for Cruzeiro this Wednesday, thinking about the fight against relegation, was the defeat of Brazil in Pelotas for Ava, 2-1, in Santa Catarina. The gacho team had 15 points and did not open an advantage over the Z4.

On Tuesday, at the opening of the 14th round, the lanterna Oeste, with six points, had already been beaten by Operrio 1-0, in Barueri, in the interior of São Paulo.

Teams in the middle zone distance themselves

But the defeats of direct rivals in the fight against relegation also generated a nudity for Cruzeiro in the classification. Teams in intermediate positions opened an advantage over Raposa in Series B of the Brazilian Championship.

THE Ava, who had 16 points, went to 19 with the victory over Brasil de Pelotas and now ninth. THE CSA, club that flirted with Z4, jumped from 13 to 16 points and took 12th place.

Top teams scored in the round. The leader Cuiab (29 pts) drew with Juventude (23 pts), fourth place. Chapecoense, now vice-leader, reached 25 points with the victory over Botafogo-SP. Ponte Preta returned to the G4 to overcome rival Guarani and reached 24 points. Paran drew 0-0 with Nutico, went to 23 and now fifth place. America, sixth, overcame Vitria by 2 to 1 in Salvador and was also 23 points. Finally, Operrio went to 21 with the triumph over the little lantern in Barueri.

A distance from Cruzeiro to G4, which was 11 points at the end of the 13th round, now 12. Soon, Ney Franco’s team will have to do their homework in front of Sampaio Corra to climb positions and get a little closer to the Srie A access zone.


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