stadium with public, Naples did not appear and Juventus waited to win 3-0 without playing – Observer


Italy has been one of the good European examples in controlling what some define as the second wave of the pandemic and others put it as the second phase of the first wave of the pandemic, but it was also from Italy that one of the most caricatured cases came in this resumption of the main European leagues ( still nothing like what happened at the start of the Portuguese Second League, when Feirense-Desp. Chaves was suspended when everything was ready to kick-start after the warm-up exercises). And that’s why the Juventus-Naples this Sunday was still at risk, after being taken for granted and then canceled.

On the part of the transalpine champions, the story is relatively easy to tell: in the usual tests carried out before the games, two positives were detected among club employees, not players or coaches Old lady, following the protocols in force, decided to place the whole group in preventive isolation that allowed to continue training but without any contact with the outside. In other words, and exchanged for kids, the team went on stage until the meeting. On the side of Naples everything was more complicated and with contradictory versions.

According to Neapolitan officials, local health officials did not allow the team to leave for Turin after two positives were also detected among players, Piotr Zielinski and Eljif Elmas. However, and as Ansa was advancing hours later, there would have been no prohibition in this regard. “Serie A confirms that the Juventus-Napoli match, of matchday 3, will take place, as planned, on October 4, at 8:45 pm”, announced the body that oversees professional football in Transylvania, which left three chances for Naples: either he went to the game as stipulated, or he presented a justification from the health authorities for not being able to actually travel to the meeting or he ran the risk of losing three points at the secretariat due to no show.

Ronaldo arrived at the classic aiming to avenge the defeat in the final of the Italian Cup last season on penalties, after four victories in as many games played in Serie A against Naples with two goals in the mix. The timing was good, with the Portuguese scoring three goals in the first two league matches, including one to who avoided defeat in Rome. “It was a point gained. We were in a difficult situation but we managed to recover, even after the red. In the end, this point could be very important. We are still at the beginning, with a new coach, new ideas, but the team is working well, enthusiastic and I see a bright future for us. The team is happy and training with a smile on their face ”, commented the captain of the national team, highly praised by the new helmsman, Andrea Pirlo.

Ronaldo is reading about communication, he scored two goals, but the victory was muted: and Juventus drew with Paulo Fonseca’s Roma

However, and on time, there was not even a meeting. And it came to be funny that there was a Juventus team on the field without an opponent, fulfilling the mandatory waiting time for a Naples who was still at home in the eyes of spectators who had no problems with the rain (some had raincoats on their heads) at the feet) but that the only thing they saw was the referees team, the delegates and some players from the home team who were passing by the pitch to see if any new thing was happening in the meantime. 45 minutes later, the referee “finished” what did not start, thus giving Juventus the triumph. However, everything points to the meeting being extended in the secretariat, with Naples appealing the decision.

“I’m here because we need to clarify this. There are very clear protocols for these situations, which explain what to do in case there are positives by Covid-19. The federation protocol applies and we all know what to do. And this involves entering into prophylactic isolation in a structure agreed with the local Health Authority within which the group isolates itself to continue training and playing. So tonight we would have played against Naples. The work of the Federation and the Ministry of Health is clear. Yesterday [sábado], knowing that we had positive cases in the team, we isolated ourselves to play tonight. The president of Naples asked us to postpone the game, a legitimate request, but the rules are clear and we all have to follow them. All organizations have rules and if we don’t follow them it can be a mistake. I am not the one who has to say whether the rules are good or bad, whether they have to change or not, I just follow the regulations, ”commented Andrea Agnelli, Juventus president, to Sky Italia.


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