Star Wars: – Made his own lightsaber


If you were born after the 70s, the chances are high that you have seen at least one Star Wars movie, and that you, like many others, have played that you have fought with a “lightsaber” or a lightsaber in good Norwegian.

One who has no doubt seen Star Wars and wanted to own a lightsaber is the Canadian James Hobson. And in the true spirit of Star Wars, it must be appropriate to say that Hobson has the power with him.

Hobson is an engineer and popular on YouTube under the name “The Hacksmith”. Now he – as the first in the world – has managed to make a lightsaber – which works, according to Vice.

Using propane gas, which burns at well over 2000 degrees, he has made a retractable plasma sword, which can cut through steel.

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Made several fictional objects

Hobson has ten million followers on YouTube. There he mainly makes videos that are about making real versions of popular science fiction objects.

Among other things, he has tried his hand at the surfboard of the Marvel character Silver Surfer, Thor’s hammer and Wolverine’s claws.

Hobson has made various lightsabers before, but this is the first time he makes one that is extendable and plasma-based.

The video where he makes the sword is part of his “Make it real” series. At the time of writing, it has been viewed just under 14 million times, liked by over 800,000 people and almost 60,000 comments.

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Can change colors

Together with his team of three other people, the Youtuber mixed liquefied petroleum gas with oxygen to make a jet of plasma. Everything except a special nozzle is made by Hobson and his team.

In the previous light swords he has made, they have had to use a metal rod as a core in the sword, but in this version they have managed to make a version that allows them to put it together.

As most people know, the light worlds in Star Wars have different colors.

The dark side, ie those called “Siths” or “Dark Jedis”, like Kylo Ren and Darth Vader have red lightsabers, while various other Jedis have other colors.

Luke Skywalker’s was green, Anakin Skywalker’s and ObiWan Kenobi’s are in a blue tone.

Hobson’s team has figured out how to arrange different colors on the plasma sword they have made. By adding sodium chloride, the plasma turns blue, with boric acid it turns green and strontium chloride makes it red.


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