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The state of São Paulo registered this Saturday (3) 6,096 new confirmed cases coronavirus in 24 hours and surpassed the mark of 1 million cases since the beginning of the pandemic. According to the State Health Secretariat, 180 new deaths by coronavirus, raising or total for 36.136 Deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

Despite the new milestone of 1 million cases, moving average of deaths in the state continues in a downward trend and had negative variation of 20% in this Saturday (see below).

  • Brazil exceeds 145 thousand dead and has almost 5 million cases

The number of 1,003,429 confirmed cases of coronavirus in São Paulo is more than seven months after registering the first case of the disease in the state and also in Brazil, confirmed by the São Paulo government on February 26.

Three months later, the state surpassed 100,000 cases on May 29, when the patient record with Covid-19 in SP reached 101,556 cases. Two months later, the state reached half a million cases of the disease on July 28, when the total number of confirmed patients with the disease reached 500,301 cases.

Tests for Covid-19 – Photo: Photo: Ascom disclosure

Evolution of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in SP

  • February 26 – 1st case
  • May 29 – 100 thousand cases
  • July 28 – 500 thousand cases
  • October 3 – 1 million cases
  • Source: Government of SP

The new 24-hour confirmations this Saturday do not mean that the cases and deaths happened overnight, but that they were counted in the system during this period. The values ​​are usually lower on weekends and Mondays, due to the delay in notifications from hospitals and municipal departments.

Even with a marked 1 million cases, the moving average of deaths, which takes into account the records of the last 7 days and minimizes differences in notifications, is 153 deaths per day this Saturday (3). The variation was – 20% in relation to the value registered 14 days ago, which for specialists indicates a decrease. As the calculation of the moving average considers a longer period, it is possible to measure the pandemic trend more reliably.

The downward trend has been maintained since Monday (28), when the state came out of a period of stability in the moving average after showing an increase in records after the prolonged September 7 holiday.

The moving average of confirmed cases per day is 4,649 this Saturday (3). The number of confirmed cases includes positive results in laboratory tests for Covid-19, both of the rapid type, which only checks for the presence of antibodies and points to past infection, as well as that which analyzes the presence of the virus in the body at the time of testing – the called RT-PCR exam.

See the new records in the state of SP in the last 24 hours:

  • 180 new deaths
  • 6,096 new cases

See the total in the state of SP since the beginning of the pandemic:

  • 36,136 deaths
  • 1,003,429 confirmed cases

Since the end of August, daily records of new deaths have been lower, but the variation in the moving average of deaths was still within what experts considered stability, as it increased or decreased within the range of up to 15%. In the sequence, there was a period of drop in fact.

However, on September 21, the state showed a 27% increase in the average of deaths compared to the value of 14 days earlier, which was the September 7 holiday. On holidays, the moving average of deaths reached 151, the lowest value in 100 days, but the number is due to underreporting. On holidays and weekends the laboratory teams work on duty, so fewer cases and deaths are recorded.

After the extended holiday, the state returned to record higher daily average deaths and the trend returned to stability.

The state of São Paulo has already stayed for more than three months uninterrupted with the daily average of deaths above 200 per day, the so-called plateau at the highest point of the epidemiological curve.

Since September 17, however, the daily average of deaths has remained below 200.

At the beginning of September, the government of São Paulo reported that the month of September had a 20% drop in the number of deaths by Covid-19 compared to the previous month, according to what was reported by GloboNews. In the period, 5,608 deaths from the disease were recorded in SP.

Monthly deaths from Covid-19 in the state of São Paulo:

  • March: 136 deaths
  • April: 2,239 deaths
  • May: 5,240 deaths
  • June: 7,148 deaths
  • July: 8,234 deaths
  • August: 7,017 deaths
  • September: 5,608 (-20% of deaths between August and September)
  • Source: Government of SP

The number of hospitalized patients with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 in the state this Saturday (3) is 8,721, with 4,974 in the ward and 3,747 in intensive care units (ICU). On Friday (2), there were 8,314, with 4,704 in the ward and 3,610 in the ICU.

The occupancy rate of ICU beds remained stable at 42.4% in the state and 43.7% in Greater São Paulo. On Friday, the rates were 44% in the state and 42.6% in Greater São Paulo.

According to the health department, 865,135 people have recovered from Covid-19 in the state since the pandemic began. Of these, 109,606 were hospitalized and discharged.

All 645 municipalities in the state have already registered at least one confirmed case of the disease, with 574 cities with one or more deaths.

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