StayAwayCOVID application: the comment on the Google Play Store that is generating controversy


At 4gnews, we are not exactly in favor of entering political wars. However, the proposal for mandating the StayAwayCOVID application is giving way. Especially after the comment of the developers of the application on the Google Play Store.

For a few days the government wants to make the use of this application mandatory in order to slow down the outbreak of COVID-19 in our country. Some are in favor, others against. In this regard, we still do not want to give an opinion.

StayAwayCOVID app review on Google Play Store

However, this commentary from the developers in the application is giving the talk. As our colleague Rui da Rocha Ferreira, journalist at Exame Informática, says, the answer has not exactly aged well.

The answer was due to a comment that indicated that the application even had potential, however, did not have many installations on smartphones.

The answer was clear, “(…) In European countries, the use of screening apps is voluntary, as democratic rules impose limits. We believe that people have generous and civic attitudes, no imposition is necessary.”

Something that, at this point, must be questioned. The reply to the comment was made on October 3 and a few days later, things are totally different.

Anyway. If you have a smartphone and want to have the application installed, you can download the App from the following App Stores:

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