Steins; ??? is announced in Japan; news from Steins; Gate 0 Elite and Anonymous; Code


The publisher Mages. and developer Chiyomaru Studio announced a new game from the Science Adventure universe. In this case, the title starts with Steins;, but the next word has not yet been revealed.

According to the president of Mages., Chiyomaru Shikura, the new game will have a connection with Steins;Gate the same way that Chaos;Child had with Chaos;Head. You can classify it as a sequel, but it is not a fan disc. And despite being a new series, the characters of Steins;Gate will appear.

Platforms and a release date have not been announced.

Likewise, Mages. and Chiyomaru Studio released the first trailer for Steins;Gate 0 Elite.

Development is going well and, in addition to the plot of the anime, the game will feature unpublished scenes. Again, platforms and a release date are still unknown.

Lastly, Anonymous;Code will arrive on PS4 and Switch in the Brazilian spring of 2021 in Japan. The PS Vita version has been canceled.

According to Mages., The cancellation of the PS Vita version is due to the current market of the notebook and its production is no longer taking place. See a new trailer below.


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