stellar predictions for the signs of Aries the Virgo, today (18)


Follow the predictions do Horoscope 2020 To the signs of the zodiac of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo on the day of today, Sunday (10/18). Good luck!

Aries: relationship will also require malleability to end up not getting too rigid (o) or authoritarian (o) in your plans. Try to accept what your partner thinks. It is not very expensive to make some concessions and some of his / her wishes, is it? Between four walls, your sensual side will be strong and you will use all your devices to set the bed on fire.

Taurus: Venus being in opposition to Neptune may cause you to end up confusing love with friendship: try to take time to understand what you are really feeling. The couple’s life will receive good stimuli and the attunement with their partner will only grow.

Gemini: your attractiveness will be overwhelming, but the Sun being square with Saturn suggests that you be calm when you are involved with someone, especially if you are an older person. Couple’s life in total harmony: date a lot!

Cancer: meetings and parties are not good indications at this time and it is necessary to have distance in order to protect your health. However, there is nothing to prevent you from stimulating flirting through video calls and messages, so be proactive. In the relationship, Jupiter, Moon and Saturn guarantee good doses of stability and union. Make loving statements.

Leo: you may receive money you were not expecting or a gift of great value. Flirting is a little tricky, but you can call someone or send some messages. Between the couple, value the moments together and the conversation.

Virgo: the Sun in your House 2 activates your desire to bet on a long lasting and solid relationship. It has been difficult to find people, but living with some more experienced and mature person may take a first step towards conquest. In the couple’s life, you will open up more, you will want to talk and show your passion. Desires and passion will boil between four walls.



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