Stepfather confesses to killing and beheaded stepdaughter just 1 year old – Police


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After contradicting himself in the testimony to the police, the man confessed to the crime

In São Paulo, a man was arrested on suspicion of kill
e decapitate
the only 1 year old stepdaughter. According to the police, the stepfather went for a walk with the girl and she was never seen alive again. The information is from IstoÉ.

According to the portal, last Tuesday (13), Diogo da Silva went on a bicycle with the baby of 1 and 5 months to make an appointment for the girl’s brother, and that was the last moment she was seen with life.

In an interview with TV Record, the suspect said he left the girl with a stranger to go to the bathroom. However, after having stayed at the site for 30 minutes, when he returned, he did not find the man or the child.

According to the portal’s information, the criminal later contradicted himself, saying he stayed only 5 minutes in the bathroom, not 30 minutes, as previously reported. According to the delegate accompanying the case, after contradicting himself, Diogo confessed to the crime and indicated the place where he abandoned the child’s body.

The man confessed to murdering and tearing his stepdaughter’s head off with a make
. The police then located the baby’s body, which was found beheaded. The motive for the crime was not disclosed.

I say da Silva was arrested and the police will continue with the investigations.


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