STF on Wednesday judges removal of senator caught with money in his underwear – 10/16/2020


The President of the STF (Supreme Federal Court), Luiz Fux, decided to take to the plenary of the court next Wednesday (21) the analysis of the decision that removed Senator Chico Rodrigues from office for 90 days (DEM-RR).

In the plenary session, the ministers of the Supreme Court must decide whether to maintain the decision of Minister Luís Roberto Barroso or to modify the order of removal of the senator.

Barroso yesterday ordered the removal of Rodrigues, investigated for suspected misappropriation of public funds from parliamentary amendments aimed at combating the covid-19 pandemic.

The senator was caught with money hidden in his underwear during a Federal Police search and seizure operation at the parliamentarian’s house in Boa Vista.

Rodrigues’ removal, as explained by the STF minister’s office, is in force, but could be revoked by the Senate. Barroso referred the case to the senators for analysis, but there was still no deliberation on the removal.

The minister asked Fux to submit the case to the plenary because of the “institutional relevance of the matter,” Barroso wrote in today’s dispatch. The STF president is responsible for setting the judgment agenda.


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