STF ‘saved’ Petrobras, says secretary of Guedes on sale of refineries


Pablo Valadares / Chamber of Deputies

The STF’s decision to release the sale of Petrobras refineries without the need for authorization from Congress “saved” the state company from death, Diogo Mac Cord, the government’s new Privatization Secretary, told Estadão.

“The STF did not judge in favor of the government, the STF judged in favor of the Brazilian population,” said Mac Cord, who in August replaced Salim Mattar at the secretariat.

For the secretary, hindering the process of divesting the state company would be tantamount to killing the company. “The argument that the company would be saved [levado na ação ao STF] It’s the opposite. It would be destroying. So, the decision protects the patrimony that belongs to the Brazilian population. ”

The company’s intention is to sell eight refineries, including Abreu and Lima, in Pernambuco – which, built in the PT years, gave Petrobras an estimated loss of R $ 3.2 billion.


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