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All ongoing infection control measures in Oslo will be continued, the city council leader emphasizes.

More austerity measures are now being introduced.

– When we introduced these measures, we were concerned that they should work over time. The infection has been relatively stable since mid-September. Now it has increased, despite the measures, says Johansen.

These are the new measures in Oslo:

  • Mandatory for bandages indoors in public places where it is not possible to maintain at least 1 meter distance

  • Mandatory for bandages indoors at restaurants for employees and guests in all situations where you do not sit at a table.

  • Stop in admission to nightclubs at 10 pm.

  • Restriction of participants at all indoor events without fixed seating is reduced from 50 to 20 people.

  • Order for a home office and a requirement that all employers must document that the employees have been informed that they must have a home office as far as is practically possible.

  • The number of contacts during a week should not exceed 10 people in social contexts. The exceptions are those in the same household, kindergarten and primary school cohorts and colleagues.

The measures will be implemented on Thursday 12:00.

Johansen also asks the police to crack down harder on infection control violations.

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Can be challenging

NRK has spoken to several residents in Oslo. Many are positive about stricter measures, but believe the new measures can be challenging to follow.

– It is a bit difficult to relate to the measures. Among other things, considering my job where I work with children and am in several meetings. I can honestly say that I meet more than ten a week outside my personal circle. The measures are fine, but it may be difficult to practice them, says Silje Bentzen to NRK.

Silje Bentzen believes the new measures are difficult to relate to.

Photo: Ragna Kristine Sandholt / NRK

Hard message to the catering industry

Several of the new measures affect the catering industry.

Johansen says this will reduce mobility in the nightlife and will make infection detection easier.

– I have a great understanding that many restaurants find it difficult to relate to new restrictions, he says.

NHO is concerned that many in the industry will now go bankrupt.

Blinds on the subway

The sanitary napkin order in Oslo is being expanded.

Foto: Anders Fehn

– The measures are not accurate

Restaurant manager Kjetil Gaarder in Markveien Mat og Vin, believes the government is depriving the restaurant industry of the opportunity to operate responsibly and make money.

– If the government thinks it is dangerous to go out to eat and meet other people, then they simply have to shut down. But to sneak close as they do now and add a bankruptcy race in the industry without picking up the bill, is not accurate in any way, he says to NRK.

Fridtjof Jahnsen, General Manager Bar Boca

Fridtjof Jahnsen, general manager at Bar Boca, believes the government must take part of the bill.

Photo: Ragna Kristine Sandholt / NRK

Fridtjof Jahnsen, general manager at Bar Boca, also believes that the government must compensate for lost expenses.

– When we lose a million kroner because they give us restrictions, I think they could at least cover some of those costs.

– I have had to call Aas brewery and ask them to postpone the invoice, because we do not have enough money in the account. It is the first time in 20 years that we have needed to do something like that, he says to NRK.

Johansen says he will initiate a dialogue with the government if the catering industry is well enough taken care of.

– The industries that suffer the most from the measures must be compensated in a good way. The schemes are not good enough now, says the city council leader.

Oslo people enjoy themselves at Grünerløkka in Oslo.

Nightclubs and the catering industry will be particularly affected by the new measures. The picture is from September.

Photo: Joakim Reigstad / NRK

In week 43, 1290 new cases of coronary heart disease were reported in Norway. 54 people have been admitted to hospital.

This afternoon, the government came up with new national corona measures. Among other things, it is encouraged not to have private gatherings with more than five guests who are not from the same household.

The measures will last until early December.


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