Study led by WHO in more than 30 countries states ineffectiveness of 4 antivirals against Covid-19 | Coronavirus


The “Solidarity Therapeutics Trial”, a study led by the World Health Organization (WHO) in more than 30 countries, presented the results in a pre-publication this Thursday (15). The research, which is pending approval of scientific journals and review by other experts, says that four antivirals used against Covid-19 are ineffective: remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir / ritonavir (combination) and interferon beta-1a.

  • “Solidarity” is a global study with more than 30 countries, made in 405 hospitals;
  • It’s a randomized trial, Golden pattern, which has the strictest standards for collecting scientific evidence;
  • Participated 11,266 adults: 2,750 took remdesivir; 954, hydroxychloroquine; 1,411, lopinavir; 651, interferon plus lopinavir, 1,412, Interferon only; and 4,088 were part of the control group, which did not receive the drugs.
  • Outcome: 1,253 deaths were reported during the survey. Evidence points out that Medicines played little or no role in reducing Covid-19 mortality or length of stay.

According to the WHO, even if the trial still needs the analysis of other scientists, it has already produced “conclusive evidence” about medicines.

“The progress made by the ‘Solidarity Therapeutics Trial’ shows that large international trials are possible even during a pandemic, and offer the promise of answering critical public health questions regarding treatment quickly and reliably,” says the text published by the organization.

‘No country out of danger’

On Monday (12), the WHO emergency director, Michael Ryan, said that recent data show stabilization and drop in the cases of Covid-19 in Brazil, but he warned that this trend occurs based on numbers “very, very tall “.

“No country is out of danger yet” – Michael Ryan, director at WHO

WHO says pandemic stability in Brazil is positive but numbers are still high

In the last week, Brazil passed the 150 thousand deaths caused by the new coronavirus and still beat Covid’s 5 million cases. Despite the high numbers, the moving average of deaths was below 600 for the first time since May, according to the media consortium.

The emergency chief recalled that Brazil is a country of continental proportions and local authorities need to be alert. “To say that the disease is falling in Brazil is a positive thing,” said Ryan.

“(But) there must be a high level of distrust as the (general) numbers fall to ensure that areas where they may be increasing are detected,” said the WHO emergency director.

“As we have all learned under severe pain in recent months, the fact that the disease is on the decline does not mean that it will not get worse again. (…) We need to remain vigilant” – Michael Ryan, director at WHO


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