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The launch of the iPhone 12 extended the use of OLED screens to the entire line, marking a change from the iPhone 11 and XR cell phones that used IPS LCD panels. The main beneficiaries of the strategy are the suppliers of the component, Samsung Display and LG Display, which are expected to register a production jump over the next few months.

With an estimated sales of over 80 million units, the four versions of the iPhone 12 will boost manufacturers’ production capacity. The South Korean website TheElec estimates that, already considering surplus components to compensate for production and spare parts problems, the order distribution will be 25% of screens for LG (20 million) and 75% for Samsung (60 million).

If the numbers are confirmed, they will represent a significant increase for the two companies, which supplied about 5 million and 50 million units of the component last year, respectively. Given this scenario, Samsung and LG have much to gain from the commercial success of the new iPhone 12.

Sources heard on the website confirmed that China’s BOE, also quoted to supply OLED screens, has been dropped from the iPhone 12 supply chain. Rumors of the supplier’s “elimination” had been circulating since mid-year, after reports of quality problems. Even so, the TheElec does not rule out BOE certification to provide the component for refurbished models throughout 2021.

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Fonte: TheElec

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