summary explains expulsions of player from Fortaleza and Fernando Diniz


For the confrontation going to the round of 16 of the Brazil’s Cup, Fortaleza and São Paulo were in the 3 to 3, last Wednesday, at Castelão. In addition to a busy game with six goals, the red cards also went from the average to a confrontation: three in all. Two for the owners (Felipe Alves and Carlinhos) and one for the paulistas (Fernando Diniz).

In the summary released by CBF, referee Rodolpho Toski Marques (FIFA / PR) explained the expulsions on the field, with emphasis on Carlinhos. According to the referee, the defender said the following sentence: “you are a clown”, due to the yellow card he received after a foul. Facing the scene, he ended up taking the red straight then.

For the expulsion of Felipe Alves, the referee explained the move. According to him, the goalkeeper of Fortress prevented a clear goal situation from the opponent when making a foul outside the penalty area. Felipe left the field without complaint.

Regarding the red applied to Fernando Diniz, Toski alleged an exaggerated complaint from the coach of Sao Paulo, who had already taken a yellow for having done similar actions in the technical area. Even so, Diniz continued to complain sharply of the referee’s decisions, which applied the second yellow in the coach, and, consequently, the red.

In the field, what was seen was a very agitated game, with São Paulo getting the tie in the last minutes. Brenner, scorer of goals, secured the 3 to 3. Luciano made the other of the paulistas, while David, Tinga and Gabriel Dias scored for Fortaleza.

The return trip is scheduled for October 25, at Morumbi. It is worth remembering that the Brazil Cup has no qualified goal. Whoever wins gets the spot. The tie takes the decision to penalties.


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