Super Sete accumulates and the prize can reach R $ 1.2 million


The prize accumulates and can reach up to R $ 1.2 million in the next contest, to be held next Friday, October 16. The dozens drawn were: 6-4-0-1-0-6-9

Nobody got the numbers drawn in the result of contest 5 of Super Sete, held this Wednesday afternoon (14), in São Paulo. With that, the prize accumulates and can reach up to R $ 1.2 million in the next contest, to be held next Friday (16).

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Check the numbers drawn

1st column: 6


2nd column: 4

3rd column: 0

4th column: 1

5th column: 0

6th column: 6

7th column: 9

No bet hit the dozens of columns and the prize, estimated at R $ 700 thousand, now accumulated at R $ 1.2 million. The second band had 7 bets that hit six columns and each one will receive the amount of R $ 16,107.14.

In the third band, with five correct columns, 132 bets were awarded with the value of R $ 1,220.23. In the fourth prize range, 2,288 bets hit four columns and will receive R $ 70.39.

In the fifth and last band, 22,005 bets hit three columns and each one will receive R $ 5.

How likely is it to win at Super Sete?

The chance of hitting the seven columns of the Super Seven is 1 in 10 million in the simple bet of seven numbers, according to Caixa Econômica. However, the probability of getting it right only increases if the bettor, in the same contest, makes different combinations of numbers.

Next Super Seven contest

The draw for Super Sete contest nº 6 is scheduled to happen at 15h of the next Friday, 16th of October. With transmissions on Youtube, the Super Sete draws take place three times a week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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