Super Seven result: check out the numbers drawn this Wednesday (28)


It was announced on Wednesday (28) the numbers of the result of the Super Seven. Participants in the draw carried out by Caixa raffled the balls today at 3 pm, the regular time for disclosing the result, where bettors may be checking whether or not they were the winners of the prize offered by the lottery.

Result of Wednesday’s Super Seven (28)

  • 1st column: 6
  • 2nd column: 0
  • 3rd Column: 7
  • 4th Column: 5
  • 5th Column: 6
  • 6th Column: 0
  • 7th Column: 9

With seven columns of numbers, Super Sete rewards its players in a different way from the conventional lotteries that Caixa owns, which are very well known by the public. Despite being in the market for a short time, this lottery has a million dollar prize pool of R $ 2,800,000 million, as attractive as the Lotofácil prize.

Super betting formulas

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On your wheel there are 7 columns, each with 10 numerals, counting from 0 to 9. Thus, the bettor must choose a dozen in each column. Thus, as in other Caixa Econômica Federal lotteries, there are several ways to place bets at Super Sete. In this case, if a player decides to place multiple bets, he can choose up to 14 more numbers (totaling a maximum of 21 numbers).

According to the odds of Super Sete compared to other CEF games, this is the easiest to win the maximum prize pool, and its probability of maximum hit, that is, the seven numbers, is 1 in 10 million. Its value does not differ so much, however, its simple bet is costing R $ 2.50, the minimum value of the bets of the Caixa lotteries.

Other lotteries today: already bet?

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Super Sete Lottery / Credits: Canva

As is known among the bettors born, Caixa still holds, this Wednesday (28), four more draws of other of its most famous lotteries, which have millionaire prizes.

Mega-Sena, Loteria Federal, Quina and Lotofácil require little from their bettors so that they can take prizes like R $ 45 million (Mega-Sena). The bet on Federal is still worth its conventional value of half a million reais. Furthermore, with the accumulation system, Quina reaches its maximum value of R $ 4.2 million. Lotofácil, on the other hand, after winning in its last draw, has an initial prize of R $ 1.5 million.


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