Supposed CD Projekt employee reports cases of Cyberpunk crunch


At the end of September, the CD Project RED revealed that studio employees are expected to work mandatory overtime to finish development of Cyberpunk 2077, breaking the promise made in the previous year to prevent the effects of the so-called “crunch”.

Now, in a conversation on the social network reddit, a supposed company employee gave more details about what the problems of the developer’s work culture would be, and that, in some cases, the extensive work pace has been happening since 2019.

The message responds to a thread quoting the journalist Jason Schreier, gives Bloomberg, saying that a conversation that management said had taken place between it and developers to discuss the possibilities of delaying the game again or starting the 6-day-a-week duty cycle never happened.

“Not only has this conversation never happened, but it is just the last in a long list of very toxic behavior on the part of the management towards us developers”, the alleged official wrote.

“First of all, I can confirm that this conversation never happened, in fact the developers have been crunching non-stop since May 2019, when management realized ‘shit we need to make the game, we must run'”, continued. “Take into account that we had barely left the alpha at that point and even with all the [desenvolvedores] pointed out that it was impossible to make the complete game ALMOST from the beginning in a year. “

“Speaking the truth, people have been fearing the inevitable 2-year death march since long before the crunch started because they know how it works at CDP, hanging around in pre-production for ages and then speeding up everyone’s pace and working developers to the bone to make up for lost time, and none of them were looking forward to it. “

The alleged developer says that, at this early stage, the boss said that “there was no plan B” in case the team does not reach the goals until December, and that only after this first year of crunch was there a decision to postpone the game, first to September and later to November this year. The message also cites the lack of communication between management and development.

“We found it both on TWITTER and at other times [mídias] that the game was postponed, with a message from Adam [Badowski, chefe do estúdio] Some hours later”, he declares. “The same thing with the Gold ad, and any other ad since June 2019.”

The text also says that many people work 16 hours a day since June last year, and some even since 2018.

“Every time that was raised you would get the typical copy and paste speech about how ‘we are driven by passion, we are rebels, this is not for everyone and all these copied slogans’ which is a cool way of saying,’ We have no idea of what we’re doing more we have infinite money and fix everything with more crunch. ‘”

The message says that this is a cultural problem for CD Projekt RED itself, as managers and managers would be disconnected from development, as directors and leaders in the Warsaw studio “are the people who did this shit for [Witcher 3], are the people who survived this hell and are OK with that. “

“After all, most developers get an annual bonus which is a pittance, while superiors get hundreds of thousands of zloty in bonuses (in euros / dollars they still get a LOT) so that’s okay.”

Subsequently, Jason Schreier himself published the developer’s message on Twitter, contacting him to confirm his identity and even publishing an extra statement.

“‘I personally loved working here until they decided that the only way to end the game would be to go to death’, this person told me”, diz o tweet de Schreier. “I heard this feeling from some people. (I also heard it being said about Naughty Dog and some other game companies.”

Cyberpunk 2077 comes out on November 19th at PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S e Google Stadia.


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