Suspected of killing priest in MG is arrested in Rio; crime was planned to pay off debt with drug dealers, says chief | Valleys of Minas Gerais


The Civil Police of Minas Gerais arrested, this Friday (16), the second suspect of involvement in the murder of Father Adriano da Silva Barros, found charred in Manhumirim (MG).

The man was located by Minas Gerais police officers at Central do Brasil, in Rio Janeiro. He also had the car belonging to the religious, which was found in Duque de Caxias (RJ). His brother had already been arrested in the act and confessed to the crime in deposition. The murder took place last Tuesday (13).

According to the Civil Police, the investigations point out that the crime was committed to pay off a drug debt, between R $ 30,000 and 50,000, with drug dealers in RJ. The second suspect lived in the state and was carrying narcotics when he was approached by the Military Police.

“Due to this loss, he would have come here to the Manhumirim region, to raise this money. That was when, then, they had the idea of ​​committing this assault”, explained the delegate, Glaydson de Souza Ferreira.

The priest’s car killed in MG was found in RJ – Photo: Civil Police / Disclosure

According to the Civil Police, it was found that the perpetrators had attracted the priest to steal valuables and his car. The way in which this happened is being investigated. The vehicle was spotted entering RJ last Wednesday (14), when passing through a toll plaza. The suspect drove the MG car to RJ even without a license.

“Their goal was to get the car and what could be extracted from the priest. They initially believed that the priest could have money. The priest really had a value, but we don’t know the exact value. Soon after they killed the priest, the two brothers went to a grocery store, made purchases “, said the regional delegate, Carlos Roberto Souza da Silva.

The Civil Police reported that the prisoner has already been taken to the Manhuaçu prison, where his brother is also located. The participation of a third person, who provided the fuel used to burn the body, is being investigated.

Father Adriano da Silva Barros, 36, was found charred in Manhumirim – Photo: Disclosure

Adriano da Silva Barros has been missing since last Tuesday (13). According to the Military Police, the priest went to visit his mother, who is ill, in Martins Soares (MG), and would return to Simonésia (MG), where he was a vicar, to celebrate a mass in the parish.

The religious was last seen leaving his sister in Reduto (MG), around 1 pm. She was the last person to have contact with him.

In the early evening of Wednesday (14), the police were called by a resident of the Pirapetinga Stream, in Manhumirim, when he realized that there was a fire in his land and, when he arrived to extinguish, found the charred body, which was also with knife wounds, according to expertise.

The arrested individual, 22, and a teenager, 16, were seen by witnesses close to where the body was found. Later, due to suspicion, they were detained at home and taken to the police station, where the young man confessed to the crime.

Second suspect in involvement in the murder of a priest in Manhumirim is arrested


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