TAP flights from Lisbon emptier than those from Porto


Minister of Infrastructure and Housing said that routes created in the North are deficient, but there are planes operating in the capital with even less occupation.

Minister Pedro Nuno Santos said, in Parliament, that the four routes created in Porto since the State strengthened its position in the Portuguese airline have “46% of the average capacity” and are “a loss for TAP”. According to industry sources, at the present time, the mentioned occupation is much higher than that of some flights leaving Lisbon. TAP does not comment on “reserved commercial information”.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Housing said, on Thursday, in a parliamentary hearing, that the four routes created at Porto Airport, to Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich and Ponta Delgada are “at the moment a loss for TAP”. Yesterday, in a statement, he stressed that “TAP is currently losing money on practically all routes, including those made from Lisbon”. The minister underlines that “I never said that the only routes that are prejudicial to TAP were the four mentioned yesterday [anteontem] at the parliamentary hearing “.

Pedro Nuno Santos said that “there are currently 11 routes operated by TAP from Porto and that, although practically all companies are strongly reducing the operation in winter, TAP will maintain ten routes in Porto”.


The JN found, with sources knowledgeable of the sector’s figures, that there are “flights leaving Lisbon to Luanda, with 14%, or to São Paulo, with less than 30%”. In addition, TAP will maintain only six regular international destinations in the winter and two more operated only at Christmas (Geneva and Zurich), with a reduction in the airlift to Lisbon and only one flight per day to Funchal. He gives up Zurich, Geneva, Luxembourg, Munich, Ponta Delgada, Milan, Brussels and Madrid. For the same period, other companies reinforced their commitment to Porto. Swiss will operate 15 weekly flights and Luxair will move from five weekly flights to one daily connection to Luxembourg.

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, called on the Government to “incorporate TAP into Carris or into the very profitable Soflusa”, as “we will find a solution”, and Lisbon “stays with TAP which, without prejudice to Porto , is no longer a “forgiveness” “. Since TAP’s restructuring plan is still unknown, the Liberal Initiative party has put forward a subpoena in court to compel the Government to disclose it before the Budget vote.


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