Tari had Aronian on the fork, but lost in Armageddon


Aryan Tari was very close to his first long chess victory in Norway Chess on Thursday, but Levon Aronian saved a draw and then won in armageddon.

Aryan Tari had Levon Aronian on the fork in Norway Chess on Thursday, but the Armenian saved a draw and won in armageddon. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB

– I’m a little disappointed that I did not win. I was very close and thought I would win. It was quite awkward that he escaped, the young Norwegian told TV 2 afterwards.

– I think I played generally well, and I’m happy with that. But since I was so close, I really wanted to get the ball in goal. Since it has gone so badly for me, it would have tasted good to win a game.

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Magnus Carlsen won the tournament at home

The 21-year-old gets to try his hand at the big tournament together with five far more deserving players. He has struggled hard and had only taken one and a half points before the ninth round. That was when he defeated Jan-Krzysztof Duda in Armageddon. Otherwise, there have been losses in batch after batch.

According to the chess computers, Tari had a winning position against Aronian, but did not manage to turn it into a victory. On a day when Magnus Carlsen secured the tournament winner, there could have been double Norwegian joy, but that did not happen.

Tari hopes to get a good finish against world number two Fabiano Caruana, who is fighting for 2nd place in the tournament with Alireza Firouzja and Duda.

– There is not much to play for when I am in last place, but it is very worthwhile to play against such good opponents. I will try to achieve as much as I can, he said to TV 2.

– It has been a pole-out tournament for me. I could easily have gotten more points. In the beginning I had many good positions, but I have to learn from this and take the experience further.

Norway Chess ends on Friday with Carlsen against Aronian, Firouzja against Duda and Caruana against Tari.


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