Taurus has three among the 10 best weapons to buy in the USA


Taurus, one of the world’s largest arms manufacturers, had three weapons in its portfolio cited in the list of the 10 best weapons to buy in 2020 in the demanding and competitive United States market.

Among the highlights are the Taurus G3c and Taurus TX22 pistols, in addition to the Rossi R92 357 Magnum lever action rifle.

Taurus G3c

Recently launched in the United States, the Taurus G3c (compact model of the new generation G3) was elected number 1 in the list of the 10 best weapons. G3 and G2c are also recommended, pistols that are part of the G family produced by Taurus.

The quality, reliability and durability of the G3c are evident. It is a lightweight polymer pistol, a good size for a versatile weapon and a good trigger that guarantees accuracy. Other details are the manual safety lock and a light rail that makes it possible to place accessories.

Taurus TX22

The TX22 is considered the most advanced .22 LR caliber pistol on the market. It is usually used in shooting competitions of various modalities, in training and in moments of leisure.

According to the assessment, the Taurus TX22 is the best pistol in this caliber seen for a long time. It was considered phenomenal, very reliable, accurate and with several features that many competing models on the market do not have. Comes with very accurate and adjustable sights.

Another advantage is that 22 caliber ammunition has a lower cost compared to others. It is a weapon with a good price, affordable, reliable and accurate for the practice of shooting.

Rossi R92 357 Magnum

It is considered one of the favorite platforms in the category and is frequently in the TOP 5 for its effectiveness for a long time. It has caliber 38 SPL / .357 Mag, but also has versions in calibers 44-40 and 44 Magnum.

The Rossi R92 357 Magnum has a tubular magazine below the barrel, very easy to carry, so it is considered a practical weapon and easy to handle.

The difference for a lever action and a semiautomatic one is the need to have to perform the action manually. For snipers who are familiar with the model, all you need to do is perform the lever action, throw out the empty ammo and charge for a new shot.

To see the full review with the 10 best weapons to buy in 2020 and learn more about the aforementioned Taurus weapons see the video below.

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