Tax – Big changes from Sunday


On 1 November 2020, the Tax Administration will take over responsibility for the tax collector tasks that the municipality has previously had. This means that there is no longer a tax collector in the municipality.

All inquiries about tax must then be directed to the Tax Administration.

Tax Director Nina Schanke Funnemark describes it as historic when things will be easier for private individuals and companies from Sunday.

– Now you no longer need to consider whether to contact the municipality or the Tax Administration when you need help with tax – you get answers to all tax questions in one place, says the tax director.

There will be one number for everything, possibly the opportunity to chat online and the Facebook pages “My tax” and “My tax company”.

These should adjust ned the tax

This is taken over by the Tax Administration

The tax administration takes over guidance, tax collection and a number of other tasks.

The tasks that are transferred to the Tax Administration include:

  • collection of residual tax
  • tax refunds
  • additional advance
  • withholding tax
  • employer’s tax
  • motregning
  • deductions related to tax claims
  • tax certificates
  • account / balance statement for tax and employer’s contribution
Avoid tax breaks now

Avoid tax breaks now

The websites are in place on Monday

The tax authorities will take over responsibility on Sunday, but the website of will not be updated until Monday 2 November.

Front desk guidance in person is only available if you have booked an appointment in advance – and only special cases are allowed:

– It is important to note that due to the corona situation, front desk guidance is only available for services that require personal attendance, says Schanke Funnemark.

A valid reason to book an appointment and show up in person is if you are applying for a tax card for the first time and are a foreign citizen, whether you must report a move to Norway, have an ID check performed, perform a DNA test or confirm paternity.

Complaints about not having received a refund of tax yet, which more people are waiting for according to posts on the Facebook page “My tax”, will be addressed to the Tax Administration from Sunday.

This is how your finances will be in 2021

This is how your finances will be in 2021

Over a thousand employees are relocated

The change means that almost 1100 tax-related employees are transferred from the municipalities to the Tax Administration, together with their tasks. The tax authorities have offices in 57 places in the country.

The tasks that have been transferred to the Tax Administration include processing of residual tax, tax money for benefits, additional advances, withholding tax, employer’s contribution, set-off and deductions related to tax claims, tax certificates and account / balance statements for tax and duty.

Attention is drawn to the fact that those who have a case under consideration will have it transferred to the Tax Administration from their old tax collector’s office and then possibly with a new case officer or contact person.

The municipalities will otherwise continue to be responsible for collecting municipal claims, such as property taxes and municipal fees.


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