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In early 2008, the soap opera “Beleza Pura” premiered on TV Globo. The plot followed the life of aeronautical engineer Guilherme Medeiros (Edson Celulari), who was trying to rebuild his life after a terrible helicopter accident.


Isis Valverde and Marcelo Faria met in 2008, on the recordings of the soap opera Beleza Pura

But who stole the show in the novel was the couple Rakelli (Isis Valverde) and Robson (Marcelo Faria). Both were the darlings of the public. The chemistry between the actors was so great that the romance that started in fiction was taken to real life and Isis and Marcelo started dating. But the story of the novel did not end as happily as in the soap operas.

Bikini fights

The couple seemed firm and strong for months, until at the 2009 carnival the lovebirds decided to spend the revelry with friends in Jurerê, Florianópolis. What was supposed to be a fun trip with friends ended up in a fight, as testimonies and photos from the newspapers of the time told.

The two started an intense fight while enjoying the sun on the beach. The reason for the fight, according to the EGO portal, was due to the size of the bikini worn by Isis, who her boyfriend said was too small.

The fight would only have ended when the actress tied a sarong around her waist. After the fight, the actor returned to Rio and Isis followed the trip with friends. That would have been the end of the relationship.

I want you Back?

The years passed, Marcelo married actress Camila Lucciona, in 2010, and Isis was at her peak, playing Suellen on “Avenida Brasil” and dating producer Tom Rezende.

Until in 2012, according to journalist Leo Dias, the relationship between Faria and Lucciona ended due to a case that the actor was having with actress Fernanda Vasconcellos. The two acted together in the play “Dona Flor and Seu Dois Maridos”, in Salvador.

According to newspapers at the time, as soon as Camila found out that her husband was having an affair, she tried to file for divorce. Leo Dias even published a note saying that as soon as he separated from his wife, Faria wasted no time and started calling Valverde asking the two to resume the relationship. Apparently the actress did not pay much attention to the requests of the ex.


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