Teacher beheaded by student’s father after showing Muhammad caricature


A teacher was beheaded on the street of the school where he worked, in Paris, France. The case happened this Friday (16/10). The suspect was shot dead by the French police.

According to investigators from the anti-terrorist brigade, the killer is the father of an 18-year-old student. The crime was religiously motivated and is treated as terrorism.

Before being killed by the authorities, the suspect published a photo next to the victim, already dead and beheaded.

The suspicion is that the teacher promoted discussion in the classroom about freedom of expression, presenting caricatures and cartoons about Muhammad. The teacher’s gesture angered the Muslim school community in the region.

Another attack

In the last month, the capital was also the target of another terrorist attack, where the old newspaper Charlie Hebdo worked. In all, four people were stabbed.

Charlie Hebdo’s newsroom was the target of a terrorist attack in January 2015 after publishing caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.


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