Teacher beheaded outside Paris


A man is said to have been beheaded outside Paris, writes the news agency AFP. French police confirmed Friday night that the victim was a teacher and had shown cartoons of Muhammad in class.

According to La Parisien, the teacher taught the students about freedom of speech when the caricatures were shown.

The incident is said to have happened around 5 pm in Conflans Saint-Honorine outside Paris. The anti-terror group has been notified and is investigating the case, writes AFP.

Police write on Twitter that people should stay away from the area.

Bomb group on site

The police bomb squad is also on the scene, because they suspect that the suspect had a bomb vest.

LOOK AFTER: Armed police are on the scene. Photo: Abdoulmonam Eassa / AFP / NTB
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According to Le Monde, the victim is a teacher who taught history and freedom of speech, and in that context showed caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

A suspect who was armed with a knife is said to have been shot by the police in a neighboring town. He is also said to have been armed with a softgun.

A number of French media report that the suspected perpetrator has been confirmed dead.

Allahu akbar

Police sources inform several media that the man has shouted “allahu akbar”, or “god is greatest”, in advance of the attack.

Police are investigating the case as “murder linked to a terrorist organization”.

The attack comes a few weeks after a similar attack was committed outside the old premises of the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The French interior minister is said to be on his way back to France because of this, after traveling in Morocco.

The case is being updated


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