Teen gives birth in secret and puts baby in freezer to die


A 14-year-old teenager, identified as Anastasia, gave birth in secret and put the newborn in the freezer to die. The case took place in the Novosibirsk region of Russia. According to the Mirror newspaper, the young woman did not want her parents to know about the baby.

In an interview with the local 360TV station, the prosecutor from the Novosibirsk region in Siberia in southern Russia, Nadezhda Boltenko, that the student’s mother had called an ambulance for her daughter. “She heard her moan at night and thought her daughter was suffering from appendicitis,” said Boltenko.

Still according to the newspaper, she had the baby alone and was bleeding a lot. In the ambulance, she “confessed to the paramedics that she gave birth and hid the child from the adults in the freezer” at the family home. She is in serious condition at the hospital. The teenager’s parents did not realize that she was pregnant.


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