Tegnell points out the worst countries in Europe


– We see a second wave, says Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell according to Aftonbladet about the coronavirus.

According to Tegnell, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Denmark have the greatest spread of infection.

– There is much to suggest that it will be a record week internationally. There is no evidence that this will calm down, he says.

It is heading towards a dark autumn in Europe. Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Poland have registered record high infections in the last 24 hours.

Tegnell believes that France, Spain and the Netherlands are experiencing a second wave.

Infection records

The fact that infection records are being set in a number of European countries worries experts that the virus could get out of control in Europe.

Denmark reported 430 new cases of infection on Thursday, the day after 492 cases of infection were registered.

On Wednesday, France announced that the national health crisis will be introduced again from Saturday due to increasing infection rates. On Thursday, the country crossed the border of 30,000 new cases in one day for the first time.

The British health authorities have reported 18,980 registered cases of infection and 138 coronary-related deaths in the last 24 hours. The high infection rates come at the same time as the British have introduced new, strict measures this week.

Spreads indoors

The head of the World Health Organization’s Europe branch, doctor Hans Kluge, says European authorities must be uncompromising in meeting the infection records. He says the infection primarily spreads indoors in the homes and where the infection control measures are not followed.

– The measures will help us stay ahead of the curve, and to flatten it out, of course. It is therefore up to us to accept them while they are still relatively easy to follow, says Kluge.

On Wednesday, Germany introduced new measures, such as increased bandage requirements, closing times for bars and tightening the number of people who can gather socially.

In Sweden, infection rates increased by 1,075 on Thursday, and three new deaths were reported. The Swedish corona strategy received harsh criticism on Thursday in a reader post from 80 researchers in the medical journal The Lancet. Researchers strongly warn against believing in herd immunity.

– The Swedish strategy has led to nothing but death and depravity. And this situation has not been described in an honest way to the Swedish population or the rest of the world, writes researcher Zoë Hyde Twitter.

(TV 2/NTB)


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