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The dramatic increase in the Premier League award has provoked reactions. Now Telia is going against the flow – and thus remains below TV 2 Sumo’s new monthly price.

– The prices we get from TV 2 are indicative, and we are the ones who decide the price to our customers. We could set up the price like “everyone else”, but have chosen not to do so, to offer the best price, says Telia’s communications director, Henning Lunde.

Last week, Canal Digital raised the price of the Premier League package from 499 to 699 – an increase of around 40 percent. Te-We from Telenor has done the same, but with the possibility of a one-year lock-in period at the old price.

Altibox followed up and has increased to NOK 649, while RiksTV has not announced any changes.

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TV 2 Sumo, the channel’s own streaming product, has also increased the price of its football package to NOK 519 a month.

This means that Telia is now cheaper than TV 2’s own product.

– Norwegians love English football, and we hope that more people who are happy to follow their favorite team now see that we have the cheapest Premier League award and that they may then choose Telia, Lunde says when asked why they have chosen PL as a bargaining chip for customers.

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Strong reactions

TV 2, for its part, justified an increase in the cost of rights for why they set the recommended price.

The price increase has created strong reactions among viewers, and VG commentator Leif Welhaven believes that TV 2 wants to position itself for the future with its streaming service TV 2 Sumo.

Get, which has now changed its name to Telia, had an upsetting conflict with TV 2 in the early summer, which led to black screens for several weeks. The parties agreed, after an intense war of words, to extend the agreement indefinitely, but Lunde denies that the price has anything to do with the TV 2 conflict.

– Like all other distributors, we were informed of the same new indicative price from TV 2. They shall not discriminate against us on price. We believe that this is what it takes to be a market leader, says Lunde.

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– Super

Morten Wiberg is TV and radio manager at the media agency Carat, and follows the development. He thinks Telia’s move is “exciting”.

– Telia will be able to attract customers on a platform they are planning, Telia Play. If they still make money on this, it’s great – it puts the other distributors in a bad light, Wiberg claims.

Lunde stubbornly claims that there is no connection with the TV 2 conflict and this price assessment, and Wiberg – who sees the case from the outside – sees no reason to doubt it.

– I do not see it as a declaration of war. These conflicts arise from time to time, and there are many different negotiation strategies, says Wiberg.

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