Temporary work should open 400 thousand vacancies until the end of the year – News


The expectation of the Brazilian Association of Temporary Work is that the industry and trade will heat up with Christmas

The opening of temporary vacancies should reach 400 thousand in the last quarter of the year. According to Asserttem (Brazilian Association of Temporary Work), the main segments that seek reinforcement of temporary workers in October are food, pharmaceuticals, packaging, metallurgy, mining, automobiles and agribusiness.

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The explanation is that this month the industry sector should still pull the hires to supply the high demand of the market. In the months of November and December, the highlight will be trade, followed by the service sector for individuals.

“As Christmas approaches, commerce will open many temporary vacancies. Thus, those who are unemployed should be aware of these opportunities that will arise”, says the association’s president, Marcos de Abreu.

He guides the worker to look for a temporary agency through the Asserttem website (asserttem.org.br), which lists associated agencies and registered with the Ministry of Economy, divided by state.

According to Abreu, through temporary work, the worker can acquire more knowledge and have new experiences in the market, which enhances their replacement in an eventual permanent job. “In this pandemic period, we estimate that 20% of temporary workers will be hired. It is a very expressive number”, highlights the president of the association.


In September, hires made through temporary work were discharged. Altogether there were 186,940 new temporary vacancies in the month, in 2020, an increase of almost 42% compared to 131,761 in September last year.

“Temporary Work makes its legacy in this pandemic and assumes the role of protagonist as an important solution for the survival of companies and the fight against unemployment, when used for transitory replacement and for complementary demand for services in a fast, effective and safe way” , concludes Abreu.


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