Teresa and Cristina deny being unhappy with “Pipoca”: “Everything in peace”


Photos: Instagram The Sweetest Popcorn and Teresa Guilherme

The TVI presenter and the station director guarantee that between Teresa Guilherme and blogger Ana Garcia Martins everything is “in peace”, contradicting the rumors of an alleged “war” behind the scenes.

Shone in the comments of Cláudio Ramos ‘Big Brother, kept Cristina Ferreira’s confidence for the reality show that is on the air with Teresa Guilherme, but blogger Ana Garcia Martins’ solo space after the galas live on Sunday lasted just… a program. Reason for rumors of an alleged “war” between Teresa Guilherme and “A Pipoca Mais Doce”, a subject that has been a “topical trend” on Twitter, but that the presenter denied, for the first time, last night, on the sidelines of the presentation of the new book “O Avesso do Direto”, in which it reveals curious stories of its 30 years of television, spent between RTP, SIC or TVI.

“Wars? All in peace. She is doing a beautiful job and is very funny ”, begins by saying Teresa Guilherme to N-TV, to add: “At the time when the pandemic was more serious, it helped many mothers who were closed at home, through their scathing humor”, he adds.

Also Cristina Ferreira, during the presentation of her friend’s book, started by making fun of “wars”, before directly addressing the subject: “Teresa doesn’t pretend, she doesn’t lie, when she says it is because she feels. Popcorn looks at it differently ”.

The meeting to present the book to journalists did not end without Cristina Ferreira blinking an eye at Júlio Isidro, who was also present at the event and, as a joke, mentioning that he would like to see him in partnership with Teresa Guilherme at the Queluz station, “to remember television from the past and people with a journey of many decades ”.

Júlio saw the phrase as “joke”, guaranteed that “old donkey no longer learns languages” and that he feels “very happy at RTP Memória”.


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