Teresa Cristina threatens to stop making musical lives after successive hacker attacks


One of the biggest cultural phenomena of the pandemic period, Teresa Cristina’s live is at risk. The singer, who since March promotes live musical meetings on Instagram, has been the target of hacker attacks, which bring down the programming.

Mônica Salmaso and Teresa Cristina in live Photo: Reproduction

This Thursday, the already traditional “battle” with singer Mônica Salmaso went off the air a few times, to the point that Teresa chose to use the profile of a nephew to continue with the programming as a guest on Mônica’s profile.

At one point, Monica opened the live on her profile and waited for Teresa to enter in a “disguised” manner. She and about 1,200 people, who migrated from live to continue accompanying the two singers.

– I will not go back to live until Instagram gives me a decent answer – said the singer on Thursday.

Just this week, a live dedicated to the repertoire of Martinho da Vila was “knocked down”, and also one dedicated to soap opera songs. According to the singer’s team, the attacks have become more recurrent since she changed the hours of lives from 10 pm to 8 pm.

– Then I’m doing Martinho’s live and a guy came in saying: “I already gave it to you”. Then the audience drops from 300 to 300 after that. Then Instagram replied that there was nothing wrong. Even though someone from Chapecó (in Santa Catarina) and another from Virginia (North American state) trying to hack into my account. So I will have to have a platform that gives me security. A whole dedication for them to be knocking down? – questioned Teresa, who attributes the attacks to her political positions. – We are living in a dictatorship that has no name.

At the end of the live with Mônica Salmaso, Teresa again opened one on her profile, to make a statement, making it clear to her followers the reason to stop with the meetings in that space.

– I’ve been here since March 26th, so I wanted to give you a satisfaction. I will stop doing lives here while Instagram doesn’t give me security. I wanted to say that I had fun every night. See you one of these days.


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