Teresa Guilherme: Failures make the Queen of ‘Big Brother’ tremble – a Boil


The one that promised to be the big return of Teresa Guilherme, the queen of reality shows, ended up not living up to expectations. The presenter is not managing to bring this edition of ‘Big Brother’ (TVI) to a good port and the galas of Sunday are falling in the audience. In addition, Teresa has received criticism from the program’s followers, who accuse her of “doing more of the same”. And at the last gala, he even heard Pipoca Mais Doce, face to face, tell him that the casting made by competitors was very weak.

Despite trying to remain indifferent to these controversies, Teresa Guilherme assumes that she doesn’t always succeed. “I am very dramatic, I cry a lot. Before the last gala, I was very … I was tearful. I just said: ‘this is going to go very badly’. I cried all day,” he admitted, in conversation with Cristina Ferreira, assuming his concern. with the war of audiences.

For two weeks now, ‘Isto é Gozar com Quem Trabalho’, by Ricardo Araújo Pereira (SIC) has won.


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