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Some will say it was Uno, others Palio, but the fact is that the big shot of Fiat in Brazil is called Strada. The pickup truck has carried the brand in the bucket for the past 22 years. The arrival of the second generation, which finally applied a double cabin, four doors and five seats, has already paid off.

In September, the SUV was the best-selling car in the country, with almost 12,000 registered units, according to the National Federation of Motor Vehicle Distribution (Fenabrave). It is the second time that it stands out in the market. In March 2015 it was also the best seller, with almost 10,000 units.

And the good performance of the pickup is in the combination of practicality, less abusive price than that of an average pickup or its sister Toro, and reliability. Throughout its 22 years of toil, the pickup truck has shown bravery, low operating cost for those who put it in, and convenience for those who use it as a passenger car.

And after testing the double entry cabin version, it was time to evaluate the top of the line Volcano. The pickup drew attention for the launch price, of R $ 80 thousand, which was only R $ 6 thousand more than the double cabin Endurance version. Today the initial value has risen to R $ 82,290, but it still makes Volcano the best option in the line.

This truck behaves like a compact and has a rich content package. Its only option is the 16-inch wheels and the type of paint. Thus, it appears quite complete, but nothing that is not mandatory in a car that surpassed R $ 80 thousand.

The great asset It is the bucket, which in the version includes a marine canopy. Item that allows its use as a trunk, when it is necessary to take the luggage of the whole family.

The cargo compartment has a good volume of 844 liters and capacity for 650 kg of cargo. You can put a tarp and make a pool lady in that heat.

In other words, Volcano is an option for those who need to add the family transport and the work vehicle in a single car, but with more refinement than Endurance.

Raio-x Fiat Strada Volcano 1.3 CD

Which is?
Light truck, double cabin, four doors and five seats

Where is it made?
Manufactured at the FCA unit in Betim (MG)

How much?
R$ 82.290

Who do you compete with?
The Strada double cab competes with VW Saveiro double cab and Renault Duster Oroch.

Day to day?
The Strada Volcano is the option for consumers looking to reconcile buckets with their leisure car, but cannot pay for an average or for Toro. The version is the top of the range and has a sportier look, including light alloy wheels, LED headlights, a rack integrated to the Santo Antônio and a marine hood.

If on the outside it draws attention, on the inside it does not deny the work origin. Thus, all door and panel lining is made of hard plastic. Mobi’s instrument board may reinforce the idea of ​​simplicity, but the car is well packed. As standard, it has electric steering, air conditioning, four-door electric windows, Uconnect multimedia (with wireless connection for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a reverse camera), TFT on-board computer, parking sensor.

In everyday use it behaves like a Cronos 1.3, as they have similar measures. Thus, it is a utility that solves well in the city, manages to squeeze into traffic more easily than Toro and the larger options. The level of comfort of the truck pleases and if the friend does not look at the bucket in the rearview mirror he does not remember that it is a truck.

Those who travel behind have the same convenience as a compact, although the seat back has a more closed angle than a hatch or sedan. But it is more comfortable than the previous generation. The driving position is high and guarantees good visibility. However, the rear was too high (to increase the load volume). The reverse camera is a good investment. At worst, do not neglect the reverse sensor.

Engine and gearbox
The Volcano is equipped with a 1.3 Firefly engine of 109 hp and 14.2 mkgf of torque. The unit offers smarter behavior than the 1.4 unit, but does not have the same vigor as the old 1.8 Etorq. On the other hand, consumption is much more moderate. In addition, this engine has good power delivery at low speed, which contributes to efficiency and good handling when the bucket is loaded. The five-speed manual transmission is standard across the range, with the same inaccurate hitches as ever.

Supplied with alcohol, it registered combined consumption (road and urban) at around 10.4 km / l, without load.

Suspension and brakes
Strada did not become a sales leader because it was soft. In fact it is a leader because it has, literally, truck suspension. The rear set with spring harness and rigid axle follows as in the previous generation and in the Fiorino Pick-Up. But it has large stops that help absorb impacts when the shock absorbers reach the end of the course. At the front, the trivial McPherson.

The brakes are disc in the front, and drum in the rear. It also has stability and traction controls, as well as a starting assistant on a ramp (Hill Holder). And electronic differential lock.

Final word
The Strada Volcano is the pickup truck for the guy who wants to buy an intermediate Argo or Cronos, but needs a bucket. It solves as a family car with convenience and a good package of standard equipment.


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