That’s why they think the Playstation 5 controller is a revolution


Spill: Playstation 5 is GIANT: here it is next to the Xbox Series X.

We have not heard anything from Sony, and have therefore only had the opportunity to unpack the Xbox Series X and S.

PS5 is big and heavy

It seems that this is the norm for other media as well: Sony is waiting to send the consoles to the developers, and is more careful with PR push in general, compared to Microsoft.

In any case, we get our PS5 on November 12 (Europe: November 19), the American launch day, so we have you covered anyway.

The first thing that struck us when we saw Digital Foundry’s video is of course how big the PS5 is: how good is the cooling system of Sony’s console with so much space, as the same ink has already demonstrated that the Xbox Series X has a very competent cooling system? It will be interesting to know more about.

ITavisen unpacks Xbox Series X and S:

Both consoles are heavy, but the Xbox is the easiest to handle, says DF

What Digital Foundry concludes is, among other things, that these consoles, although they can be placed horizontally, look best and work best, vertically.

Another conclusion that you have probably already reached is that the Xbox Series X is much easier to handle and is smaller overall. “I’m still not quite used to how big the PS5 is,” says DF’s Richard Leadbetter.

– A revolution

The most exciting thing is the gamepad for PS5, DualSense, because DF has been allowed to test the demo game that comes with all the consoles, and states that Sony’s gamepad is a revolution and that they “could have talked for hours about this, but that one must try this to understand”.

Regarding the Xbox gamepad, they believe that it “is not a revolution, but that it is a solid gamepad”. It also feels more “premium” in the hand.


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