THE BALL – Admits that he injured his teammate on purpose to be able to play (Liverpool)


Tom Brewitt, a defender who has been linked to Liverpool for 10 years, admitted that he purposely injured a teammate in order to play for the Reds’ first team.

The episode dates back to the 2015/2016 season. Jurgen Klopp struggled with a wave of injuries in the defensive sector, with Mamadou Sakho, Kolo Touré and Martin Skrtel out. The German coach then looked for solutions in the reserve team.

«It was me or Dan Cleary. In my mind, I was the one who could make it to the main team, ”Tom Brewitt told the Football Journeys Podcast.

On the horizon was a game with Exeter City, for the FA Cup. A week earlier, in training, Brewitt did not hesitate. «I went up to him and made a hard miss, on purpose. I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed. In my mind, it was me or him », he explained.

The story, however, has no happy ending. Brewitt was also injured shortly thereafter and… was unable to join the main team for that game with Exeter. “It was probably karma,” he said.


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