THE BALL – Argued with Messi, but guarantees: “My son is called Lionel because of him” (Bolivia)


Lucas Nava, physical trainer of the Bolivian national team, got involved in a discussion with Lionel Messi in last Tuesday’s game, which the Argentines won 2-1, in La Paz.

«I grew up watching Messi play, he is the greatest there is. I admire him so much that my son’s name is Lionel because of him », he guaranteed, in statements made to Radio Colonia.

Regarding the incident, Nava explained: “When the game was over, I saw that an argument was being generated and simply wanted to separate to avoid any expulsion. It seems that there was a misunderstanding, but these are things that happen inside the field. »

The fitness coach, however, revealed: “I received insults and threats for all this that happened with Messi. It hurts me more because my children hear what they say about me. »


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