THE BALL – Guardiola disgusted by the calendar (Manchester City)


Over the weeks more coaches express a lot of concern about the excess of games in a short period of time that they are forcing clubs to carry out, with Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola warning that it is too much and there will be consequences.

«This is being too much. With the mental state of some players … they can’t take it. It’s too much. Last season we stopped, we came back and then we only had two weeks of vacation… I try to demand the maximum from the players, but there is a limit for human beings ”, stressed Guardiola.

The coach warns that there will be many games, in many competitions and in a short time.

«Players are fine to compete in one or two competitions. That would not be a problem and we can survive, but play every three days. With stop for national team games. Before they played two games, now they play three. They travel even more and then come back to play in the league, Champions League, League Cup, FA Cup and everything. We didn’t have the necessary preparation throughout the squad to do this. »


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