THE BALL – History: Lewis Hamilton equals Michael Schumacher’s winning record! (Formula 1)


Lewis Hamilton won the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in Germany and matched Michael Schumacher’s record of victories in Formula 1: 91. The Briton from Mercedes-AMG, imposing himself in the 11th round of the 2020 World Championship and benefiting from the abandonment of teammate Valtteri Bottas, he also accelerated in the championship accounts, increasing the lead at the top of the standings from 44 to 69 points. The next stage of the season is the Grand Prix of Portugal, at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA), in Portimão, on the 25th.

Hamilton, who chases the seventh world championship – achieving it will equal another Schumacher record! – achieved his first victory in the year he entered Formula 1. The driver debuted with McLaren at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix and climbed to the top of the podium in the sixth race of the season in Montreal, Canada. So, the German Michael Schumacher had already celebrated his 91st World Cup triumph – he did it on October 1, 2006, in China.

Interestingly, Hamilton matches Schumacher’s record of triumphs at the Nürburgring, where the German holds the record for victories (five) – he achieved 5th in 2006, at the European Grand Prix. On the same weekend, on the German track, Lewis Hamilton, with the ART Grand Prix, won for the first time in GP2, a championship he won before his promotion to Formula 1 in 2007 with McLaren-Mercedes.

Schumacher left the World Cup in late 2012, after taking part in 306 grand prizes and winning seven titles. Hamilton has ‘just’ 261 races and won six championships. But in the case of the 35-year-old Briton, the sporting story is not over, it continues…! Lewis’ 70th victory with Mercedes was also the German team’s first at the Nürburgring since Juan Manuel Fangio’s victory at the Nordschleife in 1954.

At the Eifel, Max Verstappen finished in second position and (re) approached Bottas in the fight for second place in the World Championship, while Daniel Ricciardo, third, added the first ‘top-3’ with Renault, taking the podium for the first time. since winning in Monaco in 2018 with Red Bull. And Kimi Räikkönen, who finished the race in 12th position, became the driver with the highest number of grand prizes in Formula 1: 324.


1.º Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-AMG, 1:35.49,641 h

2.º Max Verstappen, Red Bull-Honda, +4,470 s

3.º Daniel Ricciardo, Renault, +14,613 s

4.º Sergio Pérez, Racing Point-Mercedes, +16,070 s

5.º Carlos Sainz Jr., McLaren-Renault, +21,905 s

6.º Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri-Honda, +22,766 s

7.º Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, +30,814 s

8.º Nico Hülkenberg, Racing Point-Mercedes, +32,596 s

9.º Romain Grosjean, Haas-Ferrari, +39,081 s

10.º Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo-Ferrari, +40.035 s

11.º Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, +40,810 s

12.º Kimi Räikkönen, Alfa Romeo-Ferrari, +41,476 p

13.º Kevin Magnussen, Haas-Ferrari, +49,585 s

14.º Nicholas Latifi, Williams-Mercedes, +54,449 s

15.º Daniil Kvyat, AlphaTauri-Honda, +55,588 s

Fastest lap: Max Verstappen (Red Bull-Honda), with 1.28,139 m on lap 60

Next race (12th of 17): Grand Prix of Portugal, at Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in Portimão, on the 25th

World of Drivers

1st Lewis Hamilton, 230 points

2nd Valtteri Bottas, 161 points

3.º Max Verstappen, 147 pontos

4. Daniel Ricciardo, 78 points

5. Sergio Pérez, 68 points

6th Lando Norris, 65 points

7th Alexander Albon, 64 points

8th Charles Leclerc, 63 points

9th Lance Stroll, 57 points

10th Pierre Gasly, 53 points

11th Carlos Sainz Jr., 51 points

12.º Esteban Ocon, 36 points

13.º Sebastian Vettel, 17 points

14.º Daniil Kvyat, 14 points

15.º Nico Hülkenberg, 10 points

16th Antonio Giovinazzi, 3 points

17.º Kimi Räikkönen, 2 points

18.º Romain Grosjean, 2 pontos

19th Kevin Magnussen, 1 point

20th Nicholas Latifi, 0 points

21st George Russell, 0 points

World of Builders

1st Mercedes-AMG, 391 points

2nd Red Bull-Honda, 211 points

3rd Racing Point-Mercedes, 120 points

4th McLaren-Renault, 116 points

5th Renault, 114 points

6th Ferrari, 80 points

7th AlphaTauri-Honda, 67 points

8th Alfa Romeo-Ferrari, 5 points

9th Haas-Ferrari, 3 points

10th Williams-Mercedes, 0 points


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