THE BALL – October PlayStation Plus: adrenaline in a pure state (Games)


Tic Tac, Tic Tac. Clocks are ticking and hearts are also waiting for the arrival of the new generation of consoles and while PlayStation 5 does not enter the house inside there is nothing like enjoying free time to play on the still very respectable PlayStation 4.

This month, and perhaps to speed up your heartbeat even more, the games made available to subscribers of the PlayStation Plus service for free installation are true injections of pure adrenaline.

Need for Speed ​​Payback takes us on the roads (and dirt tracks) at breakneck speeds, for races and missions that leave us clinging to the chair. Another title available is Vampyr, which puts players in the shoes of (guess what …) a vampire … And in the face of moral dilemmas and the struggle for survival.

As a bonus – more and more frequently – Sony offers a punch in the virtual stomach with the title Massira, developed under the PlayStation Talents program, which rewards the creativity of young programmers: in this case, a puzzle game that puts us in the shoes of Syrian refugees.

So let’s talk about each of the games that can already be downloaded and installed on almost 45 million PlayStation 4 worldwide (this is the number of subscribers to the service that allows you to play online – it has grown by 3 million this year!)

Need For Speed Payback

Developed by Eletronic Arts and launched in November 2017, it is a car game whose sole purpose is to satisfy addiction to cutting-edge speed. In the first few minutes, the less accustomed may have the feeling that it is impossible to keep the car on the road at such high speeds, but fortunately, after a short time, practice is gained and skids start to come naturally…

Being a racing game, Need For Speed ​​Payback remains true to the origins of the series. More than a competition simulator, it is a replica – another one – of the cinematic genre immortalized by the films Furious Speed.

In other words, there are criminals, there are factions, there are escapes from the police, there are varied missions, illegal races, but in the end, almost everything comes down to a sensation: speed!

The story entertains us for two dozen hours, always using the characters Tyler Morgan, Mac and Jess, but the game is not limited to the individual mode. It is possible to jump into the open world – gigantic – with 4 very different locations and in addition to personalizing our cars, challenging other speeds online. On roads, deserts, gorges, mountains and the city… Good luck… (you will need it).


Vampyr was launched in June 2018 by Focus Home Interactive and is an RPG with a story full of mystery and imagination. The year in which the action of this RPG takes place is 1918, the scene in the city of London, fraught with social problems and grappling with the Spanish flu (reminding us of the covid-19 pandemic we are experiencing these days).

Jonathan Reid, our character, is a doctor and his mission is to find a cure to save his own life (and the city’s population). It is that he, like many others, has just been transformed into a… vampire (who knew, looking at the name of the game?).

What is the problem? Several, in fact. As a vampire, Jonathan Reid is the target of all those who do not want to be killed by vampires … But he, as a doctor, lives an inner struggle that forces him to save the lives of those whose blood he wants to feed on.

With an open world in which each character has its history and importance, it is from this balance that Vampyr’s emotion is made. Before feeding on a human, Reid must fulfill missions to help them, solving problems for them, which makes them a better food. Always with the same dilemma. And more we can not say, not to bring spoilers to the game. The question that arises here is: what kind of vampire do I want to be?


Inspired by true stories, Massira is a bonus game that PlayStation makes available to PlayStation Plus subscribers this month. Developed by Frost Monkey Games it was launched just over a year ago (September 2019) and puts us in the shoes of a Syrian child who has to leave Aleppo and make his way to refugees to Europe, overcoming all kinds of obstacles and difficulties.

It is a journey with fantasy, seen through the eyes of a child, and which does not intend to reliably recreate the horror that migrants live, but leave us to think about it while we solve puzzles. The duration of about 3 hours is suited to the style of a game with very simple graphics.

To play and reflect …


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