THE BALL – Samaris off the list for the Europa League (Benfica)


Andreas Samaris, a 31-year-old Greek midfielder at Benfica since the 2014/2015 season, was the foreign player passed over by Jorge Jesus, coach of the Reds, when choosing those who will participate in the group stage of the Europa League.

The Benfica squad has a foreign majority and if that does not cause major problems in terms of the Portuguese League, the same cannot be said when it is necessary to make accounts for European choices, be it Champions League, as in past seasons, or Europa League, as is now the case.

There are therefore 19 foreign players, so it was necessary to leave someone out. Belgian goalkeeper Mile Svilar was registered as a locally trained player. And then out of the 17 registered foreigners, there was the Greek international who, without space in Luz and recently recovered from injury, was also not entitled to a call for his selection, unlike, for example, goalkeeper Odysseas Vlachodimos.


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