THE BALL – Thomas De Gendt assumes concern at the Giro (Tour of Italy)


The runners’ criticism of the organization of the Volta à Itália, for not dealing properly with the Covid-19, gains strength, now through Thomas de Gendt, 33 years old, runner of the Lotto Soudal.

«For 20 minutes we discussed among ourselves if it would be worthwhile to start the stage, because we are feeling a little insecure, when we thought we would be safer than on the Tour. I have a feeling that the organization is hiding some facts from us. There is a lot of money involved and for the sponsors it is very important that we arrive in Milan. They are waiting for the government to make a decision, but those decisions may come too late “, stressed the Belgian corridor, adding:” More than ten cases have been known and yesterday I heard several runners coughing. The time is cold and if someone coughs they will not be able to concentrate. There are runners who prefer not to start, others think otherwise. Everyone is free to do what they want or what they are required to do. For my part, I prefer not to run. But each one decides for himself. I’m not only concerned about myself, but also about my family, because I don’t want to infect anyone. »

It is recalled that, after 12 stages, the Portuguese João Almeida continues to lead the race, which is initially scheduled to end on October 25th. The North American team Education First, where also the Portuguese Ruben Guerreiro, who won the 9th stage, has already asked for the test to be finished next Monday, considering that the protection bubble is clearly compromised.


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