The Boys creator called this scene Avengers: Ultimatum “idiot”


Avengers: Endgame is one of the most striking films in the superhero genre. This is a fact. In its 3 hours, the film made room to highlight all of its heroes. Putting it all together in an epic final battle against Thanos.

In the midst of the battle, we saw interactions between different characters. Including the iconic A-Force scene, where the superheroes get together to help Captain Marvel in the middle of the fight. And it was a very special moment, especially for the female audience.

It turns out that the intention didn’t go very well for many people. And that’s why The Boys creator Eric Kripke decided to parody that scene in an episode of the second season of the Amazon series.

THE “She has help” became the slogan “Girls do it”. Now, Eric explained why they decided to make fun of this scene specifically. And among the reasons, he stresses that the whole situation was … stupid. Check out:

She has help …

“As for the“ girls can handle it ”, a lot of that came from our executive producer, Rebecca Sonnershine, who arrived right after the premiere of Ultimato. She was furious. I saw it too, and I was like, “That was the most stupid, artificial thing …”

And she was like, “It doesn’t even begin.” She found the scene condescending and I agreed. So that created a target for us, a satirical target. When there is something really ridiculous in the culture of superheroes or celebrities, we immediately go after it. It’s an easy shot. ”

Do you agree with the screenwriter’s explanation? It makes sense, but nothing justifies the free attack of some fans under the empty ‘sealing’ argument.

For more information about the boys, keep an eye here on Marvel Legacy.

Watch the full scene of the Ultimatum parody:

With the arrival of the powerful and manipulative racist Tempesta, the feminist agenda within the world of heroes is the main focus. So the team’s film could not be different. Giving the team’s heroines a special moment amid the crap of CGI.

And this scene, obviously, is a direct joke to the “She has help” of the Ultimatum. When women from the MCU come together to help Captain Marvel. It was one of the most special moments of that final battle, but even that is not proof of the foolishness.

Check below, with notice of SPOILERS from episode 5:

“Girls do it”

And I don’t even need to say anything else, right? The whole construction, rhythm and intonation of the scene leaves no doubt. And whether you are a fan, or hater (which you shouldn’t, right?), The scene needs to admit the impact it had.

Miss you, right?


Avengers: Endgame is the twenty-second Marvel Studios film, released in April 2019. Having become the biggest box office in cinema history, after months of apprehension as to whether or not the film would surpass the former champion, Avatar. Records aside, the film ended The Infinity Saga, and was consecrated as the end of an era: the first generation of the MCU that had started with the first Iron Man (2008).

The film again featured a script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. In the midst of an epic cast, the last time we saw the original Six Avengers on screen was marked: Robert Downey Jr; Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans. Currently, the film is available here in Brazil through Amazon Prime Video!

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