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During house searches, the Federal Police suspected a volume next to Chico Rodrigues’ buttocks

A Brazilian senator was caught with 33,000 reais (5,000 euros) in his underpants, during a police operation at his home on suspicion of embezzlement of funds intended to combat Covid-19. Chico Rodrigues belongs to the DEM party and was deputy leader of the government in the Federal Senate – he has already left office.

According to the Federal Police report, 10 thousand reais and 6 thousand US dollars were found in the safe in Chico Rodrigues’ room. During the searches, the 69-year-old senator asked to go to the bathroom and the police agreed – as long as he was accompanied by an agent.

At that moment, a policeman noticed a large volume next to Chico Rodrigues’ backside, who was wearing blue pajama shorts and a yellow shirt. “What’s in the shorts?” Asked the agent. Chico Rodrigues was “scared” and said he had nothing.

The police decided to search him, having found bundles of notes worth 15 thousand reais near his buttocks.

But it didn’t stop there: when asked, Chico Rodrigues was furious and stuck his hands in his underwear, having taken out another 17,900 reais.

The police also searched him again, to find another 250 reais in his underwear.

The operation of the Federal Police was due to suspicions of embezzlement by the Roraima Department of Health. Altogether, 20 million reais that were intended to buy equipment from health units and rapid tests will have disappeared.

The Federal Supreme Court ruled that Chico Rodrigues be removed from office for three months. The senator was not detained for having parliamentary immunity.

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