“The Economy Minister attributes his own defects to third parties”, says a deputy


In the new fight between Rogério Marinho and Paulo Guedes, last week, federal deputy Lucas Vergílio (Solidariedade), former deputy leader of the Bolsonaro government in the Chamber, came out in defense of the Minister of Regional Development.

Guedes, as we have recorded, had said that Marinho was “unprepared, disloyal and boring”.

Vergílio said:

“The only victory that Minister Paulo Guedes has achieved to date, the pension reform, was thanks to Rogério Marinho. Without Marinho’s articulation, the project would have sunk in Congress. So, if anyone is disloyal in this story, it’s Paulo Guedes. ”

He amended:

“The Economy Minister attributes his own defects to third parties. The hole in the roof for the government is Guedes himself, who tried to find a way to create the Citizen Income by taking basic education resources through Fundeb. ”

And more:

“I have affirmed and reiterated that Minister Paulo Guedes talks a lot and delivers little. Brazil has not been able to overcome the economic crisis, unemployment exceeds 14% of the economically active population, GDP will plummet almost 5% this year and the Ministry of Economy continues to make bravado. He still owes us a feasible project to overcome this recession. ”

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