The Enemy – Apex Legends was delayed for developer to adopt his daughter


Apex Legends it had a relatively late launch time: the game was made available when it was already dark in Europe, and close to lunchtime on the West Coast of the United States; in Brazil, the game came close to 17h. More than a year later, Jon Shiring, the former head of online operations for the game, explained that the reason was the court hearing that would finalize his daughter’s adoption process.

We had planned the launch for that morning, and then my commitment to finalize the adoption came – the court had chosen February 4 at 10 am – the same time as the Apex launch. I panicked. As I led the game’s operations and online services team, this was bad“, said Shiring in the Twitter.

Fortunately, Respawn chose to delay the launch by a few hours, allowing Shiring to finish his audience and celebrate the arrival of Apex Legends with his colleagues: “That’s why Apex launched at a strange time, close to lunch on February 4, 2019. Because Respawn prioritized my family“.

Apex Legends is nearing the end of its sixth season and is available for free to PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC; a version for Nintendo Switch was announced by SHE, but has no release date yet.


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