The Enemy – PlayStation signs code distribution agreement via stores and e-wallets


A Sony it’s at epay Brazil closed in September a distribution agreement that will take digital codes from PlayStation Store e Playstation plus for more than 150 thousand establishments across the country, in addition to purchase options via e-wallets and digital banks.

Through sales terminals with “Pin-on-Receipt” service, through which it is already possible to make mobile top-up payments, consumers can purchase and purchase prepaid card codes from PlayStation Store via the payment receipt.

With that, according to epay Brasil, players and owners of PlayStation consoles will be able to buy company games even in cities and regions without a strong presence of game or electronic stores, being able to acquire these codes in establishments like bakeries, supermarkets and pharmacies.

In addition, the agreement between Sony and epay also takes PlayStation codes to digital platforms such as e-wallets and digital banks, including PicPay, Banco Inter, Top up Pay, Flash App, i2020, Jeitto e Payly.

PS Store and PS Plus cards are being sold at the following prices:

  • PlayStation Store 30 – R$ 30,00
  • PlayStation Store 60 – R$ 60,00
  • PlayStation Store 100 – R$ 100,00
  • PlayStation Store 250 – R$ 250,00
  • PlayStation Plus subscription 12 months – R $ 149.90
  • PlayStation Plus subscription 3 months – R $ 64.90


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