The Enemy – SEGA launches promotion on Steam in celebration of its 60th anniversary


In celebration of its 60th anniversary, the SEGA launched a promotion on Steam, full of reduced-price games and also some free mini-games. The promotion runs until October 19, and has many titles in the Total War franchise, in addition to Sonic, Bayonetta and Yakuza. Click here to check it out.

Four games will be distributed for free: Armor of Heroes, between October 15th and 19th; Endless Zone, between 16 and 19 October; Streets of Kamurocho, between 17 and 19 October; and Golden Axed, between October 18th and 19th. All games will remain in the user’s library forever.

Players who link their accounts on the official anniversary website will also be presented with NiGHTS into Dreamsclassic SEGA Saturn.

Finally, SEGA guarantees a programming of special contents in all its networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram e YouTube will have live streams of gameplay, interviews and more.


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